Getting to the Seadance

Before departing, please verify and print directions from your location. GPS for driving directions should work but cell service to Shelter Cove depends upon your cell carrier.

The address is 887 Lower Pacific Dr., Shelter Cove, CA 95589.  The USPS designates the zip code as Whitethorn.

It is approximately 21 miles from the turn onto Bricelad Thorn Rd in Redway to the Seadance house in Shelter Cove. You will stay on the main roadway however the name will change from Briceland Thorn Rd to Shelter Cove Rd at the Thorn Junction near Briceland.

This road has switchbacks and has periods of winding uneven roadway. If you have passengers that get car sick - be kind and take it easy.

From 101 Northbound:
Take EXIT 639B toward Redway
Turn left onto Redwood Dr, travel for approx 2.5 miles

From 101 Southbound:
Take exit 642 for Redwood Dr toward Redway, travel for approx 1.8 miles

Turn onto Briceland Thorn Rd - Left (if coming from South) or Right (if coming from North). Across from the turn is the Amerigas office.

At approx 12.1 miles stay Right at the Thorn Junction, the road name changes from Briceland Thorn Rd to Shelter Cove Rd here.

At approx 4.6 miles past the Thorn Junction, the road will be inclining and curve left sharply and head downhill. At this location, stay to the left on Shelter Cove Rd. A spur to the right at the summit/curve in road can be confusing - stay left. There is a small sign indicating Shelter Cove, but can be hard to read when traveling.

Continue on for approx another 4 miles to the intersection of Shelter Cove Rd and Upper Pacific Rd. in Shelter Cove.

Turn left on Upper Pacific Rd

Turn Right onto Lower Pacific Rd

In approx .5 mile, the house is on left. A Yellow Victorian style home is on the right just as you approach the house at 887 Lower Pacific Dr.